Water Base Screen Printing


As one of the top innovative manufacturers in the promotional product industry in North America, we are constantly working to enhance your message on our products.

Almost all printers in North America print using what is called plastisol inks.  While plastisol inks are easier to use, the print is hard and rough on the hand.  Most printers are using inks that are not CPSIA approved and can cause damage to your brand. (please ask your printer if they are using CPSIA approved inks).

As a manufacturer constantly pushing the boundaries on capabilities, we are using water based inks and discharge inks (on dark garments) on most of our products including all towels.  While water based inks take a lot more skill to put on along with double the labor, the finish of the print is very soft and smooth.

Advantages of our water based inks are:

  • Soft finish (great on children products such as baby bibs and wash cloths)

  • Only way to print on towels without compromising quality of the towel and your brand.

  • No Odor

  • Do not include any harsh, harmful or hazardous materials.

  • ?Safe for both user and wearer and safe for the environment. 

So, why doesn’t everyone use water based inks?

  • Using water based inks requires a special skill and more labor (2 vs 4 people on a regular print job).

  • Most printers are not set up to cure water based inks effectively. It costs more time and more money.

  • Water based inks are harder to work with as they get dry much faster and block the screens which equals more time and more money (you’re starting to see the trend here of time and money).

  • Producing pantone matches is a nightmare without proper training.

When we have to use plastisol inks due to certain products not taking water based inks well, be assured that our plastisol inks are also top of the line and are phthalate free.
When it comes to base inks (white inks to put down as base on dark garments), our inks are have an high quality opaque that exhibit a softer hand than other inks in the market.



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