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We are a leading manufacturer of imprintable promotional products. We manufacture 95% of our product line at our 50,000 square feet factory, under our house brand. From aprons, table cloths, bandanas, blankets, vests, tote bags, golf towels, beach towels and more. We offer more fabric selection, a variety of color choices, flexibility in customization and socially conscious product.

As one of the top innovative manufacturers in the country, we are constantly introducing new ways to promote North American made products. With addition of screen printing, embroidery, heat transfer, sublimation and laser decorations in house, we will become truly a one-stop shop for our distributors.

One Stop Shop! Local North American Factory

Manufacturing Processes

Ready to wear work apparel or textile manufacturing involves many processing steps.  Beginning with the idea or design concept and ending with a finished product. The textile manufacturing process involves product design, fabric selection and inspection, patternmaking, grading, marking, spreading, cutting, bundling, sewing, pressing or folding, finishing and detailing. All finished products are inspected quality control



We have invested many years of sourcing reliable suppliers providing us with the assurance of a quality fabric. These fabrics from our selected textile mills are packaged in large bolts with cardboard or plastic center tubes or in piles or bags. The fabric typically arrives in steel commercial shipping containers and is unloaded with a forklift. Factories often have a warehouse or dedicated area to store fabric between arrival and manufacturing.
Receiving Fabrics

Fabric Relaxing

Relaxing refers to the process that allows material to relax and contract prior to being manufactured. This step is necessary because the material is continually under tension throughout the various stages of the textile manufacturing process, including weaving, dyeing, and other finishing processes. The relaxing process allows fabrics to shrink so that further shrinkage during customer use is minimized.

Spreading, Form Layout & Cutting


After the fabric has been relaxed, it is then transferred to the spreading and cutting area of the garment manufacturing facility. The fabric is first cut into uniformplies and then spread manually in preparation for the cutting process.  Fabric is spread to:

- Allow operators to identify fabric defects.
- Control the tension and slack of the fabric during cutting.
- Ensure each ply is accurately aligned on top of the others.

The number of plies in each spread is dependent on the fabric type, spreading method, cutting equipment, and size of the garment order. Next the garment forms or patterns are laid out on top of the fabric and the patterns are chalked onto the fabric. Lastly, the fabric is the cut to the shape of the garment forms using our manually operated cutting equipment system.



Products are sewn in an assembly line, with the garment becoming more complete as it progresses down the sewing line. The sewing machine operators receive a bundle of cut fabric and repeatedly sew the same portion of the garment, passing that completed portion on to the next operator. For example, the first operator may sew the collar to the body of the garment and the next operator may sew a sleeve to the body. Quality assurance is performed at the end of the sewing line to ensure that the garment has been properly assembled and that no manufacturing defects exist. When needed, the garment will be reworked or mended at designated sewing stations. This labour intensive process progressively transforms pieces of fabric into a complete product.

Packaging & Shipping


In the last steps of making a product retail ready, finished products are folded and packaged according to customer specifications. Also, product may be placed in protective plastic bags manually, to ensure that the material stays clean during shipping. Lastly, products are placed in cardboard boxes and shipped to clients’ decorator or to clients’ distribution center


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